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~ Danielle Thorne ~
Phoebe diverted from the cobblestones onto the familiar footpath that led to the narrow strip of sand along the sea wall. She set a silk and linen drawstring bag inside her basket and dropped them onto the beach. Off came her shoes.


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Relaxed Friday 29

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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~ Patricia Snelling ~
(from her current cozy mystery work-in-progress)
Within minutes of Andre stepping onto the podium, a terrific crash reverberated as the platform collapsed sending Andre catapulting—music stand, scores and conductor’s baton flying across the room almost landing in a Euphonium player’s lap.


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~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
I’m sentimental, I’m a homebody, I’m a follower of Christ, and I love my family. That sums up where my heart is, and my writing comes from my heart. My work is character-driven, and a most of it is about the internal emotional struggles we all face. I like to get right down into the nitty gritty–into the raw, real places where we find our biggest challenges–but I always balance everything with hope; the hope of redemption, of change, of better possibilities, of new beginnings.
I love anything unconventional, quirky, offbeat, unexpected. I love characters who are realistic, layered, and a little unpredictable. I love approaching old stories and topics from new angles and new perspectives, and challenging myself to find the most interesting way to telling any given story. And I think, most of all, I like to inject a sense of humor into everything, no matter how dramatic or serious. Life is so full of fun absurdities, and people are so amazingly peculiar. Someone has to document it all for posterity!
I often say that I live in a sitcom family. I have five quirky kids, weirdo cats, an oddball husband, and a huge extended family that gives me enough inspiration for a lifetime. Writing fiction is my way to document my life–not the exact details, but the spirit, the truths, the emotion, and the heart behind everything I’ve uncovered and experienced, and all the many unanswered questions I still have. Hopefully, my work will inspire people, give them hope, and make them think. But if all they’re looking for is a good story, they’ll find that, too.
Feel free to follow me on my FB page at to get the latest on what I’m up to next!

Scott R. Rezer ~ 
From my WIP…
“So are you drawn more to the characters or the plot?”
“Oh, definitely the characters. They are so richly drawn. Without them, the plot would suffer most terribly.”
Caroline laughed and leaned toward her. “Such bold words to speak to an author.” She held up her hand to Josefa when she realized her criticism. “But perhaps, true. I’m a firm believer that characters help drive a plot.” She touched Josefa’s arm again. “What character, might I ask, do you find yourself drawn toward more?”
My name is Scott and I am an historical fiction writer. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery—not that I’ll recover from my love of writing, no matter how much I admit it. The best way to describe my writing is… character-driven stories that bring history to life. I write stories ranging from ancient Biblical history to the Civil War, as well as an historical fantasy series about the Crusades. My Civil War series is actually based on my ancestors who fought in died in the war on both sides. My current WIP, THE HABERDASHER’S WIFE, is also about an ancestress in Germany. Part of the passion I have rediscovered the past several years for my craft is writing about people whose lives impacted my own. I believe we are products of our past—not that I won’t write about other things. I have more ideas for stories than I’ll probably ever be able to write! After all, I have a problem and the best way to recover is to push through the treatment—commit to write just one more book each time I finish the last. Next up in my treatment, the final book in my Crusades fantasy series.

~ Laurean Brooks ~
When Earl asked us to post an author bio, the first thought I had was, BOR-ING. But, as I continued to dwell on it, maybe it isn’t so boring to those who have lived similar lives, or who would have loved to have lived on a farm.
I was the fourth-born child to a family of seven kids. Our dad worked on a riverboat out of Memphis, four weeks on and three weeks off. Mama ran the show like a drill sergeant while he was away. She had to be tough, especially to keep my brothers in line.
We planted, hoed, picked and canned vegetables from three gardens, chopped grass in 4 acres of corn, fed the farm animals, cut firewood, but still found time to have fun. How many of you have crawled inside a 50-gallon metal barrel at the top of a hill, braced your arms and legs, then let your brother shove the barrel down the hill? Who needed a roller coaster when you could get the same effect from a trundling, rocky, barrel ride?
My imagination caught the attention of a fifth-grade teacher. I believed I had been given poetic license (Not so), when she announced to the class, “Laurie will someday become and author.”
The next essay Miss Mary assigned was an essay on Columbus’s discovery of the West Indies islands. When I finished reading it, the entire class was in hysterics. Everyone except my the teacher, who cleared her throat and said, “Laurie, I want you to rewrite this essay to make it more realistic.”
My 10-year-old imagination had Columbus captured by the natives, almost burned at the stake, but at the last minute, stuffed in a cannon and shot back across the ocean. What’s wrong with that picture?
Everything. Miss Mary didn’t want extreme creativity—she wanted facts. Well…as close to factual incidents as possible. Anyway, I rewrote it, and re-read it. Not one person laughed. Bummer! The teacher who encouraged me to write had squashed my imagination—temporarily.
Four years later, during my freshman year, it burst fort again in a story titled, “The Escape of an Oscar Mayer Weiner.” The English/lit teacher loved it. She laughed as hard as my classmates did.
It would be decades later before I realized my dream of becoming a writer. After years in a factory that was closed by NAFTA in the mid-90s, I enrolled in college. Two years after graduation, I decided the legal assistant career was not working for me. Since I had taken classes that utilized Microsoft Word, nothing prevented me from pursuing my dream of writing.
My first book “Journey To Forgiveness” was published in 2009. I write sweet romance—both contemporary and historical, with twisting plots. The stories are loaded with humor and quirky characters including, perky (sometimes sassy) heroines, and chivalrous (ofttimes aggravating) heroes.
Mrs. James wiped her mouth. “Thank you. That hit the spot.”
She picked up a copy of Wuthering Heights from her bedside table. “Em’ly, will you read to me? I started this book and got halfway through before I got sick. I marked the place.”
Emily accepted the book and slid her chair closer to the bed. She opened to the book mark and started to read. Engrossed in the intense plot by author Emily Bronte, she didn’t notice Mrs. James had fallen asleep until soft snores alerted her.
Replacing the marker, Emily rose. She would love to continue reading, but it was time to relieve Alissia. The girl had too much responsibility for a fifteen-year-old.
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Relaxed Friday 28

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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~ Patricia Snelling ~
The drive through the countryside invigorated her as she inhaled the sweet smell of freshly cut hay through her open window. Arriving in Martha’s driveway, she swerved to avoid squashing her pink, miniature Kunekune pig, Hibiscus who was like a child to her.


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Relaxed Friday 27

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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April 2 is International Children’s Book Day and today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Child. [More info]

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Since today is International Children’s Book Day, we encouraged authors in our CleanWIP collaboration group to tell us about any children’s books they have written. Melinda Kinsmen has written many. Her latest, Never Ask A Wizard, released just over a week ago. It is the sixth book of her Never Ask series. Her original series, Top of the Wardrobe Gang, follows a group of cute, albeit very messy, monsters.

Charmain Zimmerman Brackett has, to date, published two. One of which, Little Pearl’s Circus World was the 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award winner.

Kim K. O’Hara admits to publishing Nonny and Deedah primarily with her own family in mind, but judging by the book’s description it certainly appears to be a charming tale any family can enjoy.


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~ Laurean Brooks ~
(from a work-in-progress, Half-price Bride)
A Humorous Scene: Clemons’s raspy voice escalated. “That woman made a fool out of me, leaving me at the altar. And I’m supposed to forgive her? I refuse!” 
The reverend groaned. “The young lady must have had her reasons. Remember, there are two sides to every story. Dr. Clemons, please sit down and hold your peace. We are in the Lord’s house.” 
The reverend finished his message quickly. “Dear Flock, turn your hymnals to page one-sixty-three and let usl sing, Take Me As I Am.”
A loud baritone voice in the back taunted, “Maybe Clemons’s bride didn’t like the way he was.” 
The congregation roared until Reverend Cole raised his hands to silence them. “Please, Mr. Evans, let’s not forget we are in the Lord’s house. Let us be respectful.”
The taunter cleared his throat, “Sorry, reverend, I was thinkin’ out loud.”
“Please…see that it doesn’t happen again,” the reverend admonished.
“Yes, sir.”

~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
(excerpt from One Minute to Midnight (Unsung Legacies Book 3) released yesterday)
Money can buy you anything.” His eyes glinted. “But that’s true everywhere.” There was a note of bitterness in his voice. “To have money is everything. To be poor is nothing.”
For some reason, Louis imagined Walter sitting outside Jim’s paddock, his slingshot poised, his face full of envy, waiting for the right moment to shoot Brutus. His chest constricted, and he grimaced involuntarily.
“What, am I wrong?” Walter said, his eyes flashing.
Louis shrugged. “I just don’t see it your way.”
Walter scoffed, and his eyes took on a hard look Louis had never seen before. “Then you’re either blind or foolish.”

~ Cherry Christensen ~
(excerpt from Love’s Full Circle)
“That’s a good sign, huh?”
“Indeed. It means you’re going to be fine. Even if he is the sneaky young man I disliked.”
Kayden gasped as her hand flew to her mouth.
“That’s right. I did some investigating of my own and found out all about Liam from your mom. However, I believe people can change, and it’s foolish to base an opinion of someone on their actions from fifteen years ago. Like I said. Pray about it.”

Scott R. Rezer ~ 
From my WIP, The Haberdasher’s Wife
I draw the worn beads of my mother’s rosary through my fingers and shake my head. Too often have I whispered to the long night of my dotage that youth is wasted on those too foolish to appreciate it. Had I bothered to learn anything from those patient friars who sought to discipline me in the faith of my father, perhaps so many things might have turned out differently, not that I regret my life, only the foolish mistakes I made, things I can never undo. But then, the depth of one’s character is measured by the mistakes we make, and the wisdom we learn from them…