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Photo by Iva Balk

~ Earl Chinnici ~
Sharing a few lines from one of my works-in-progress. This one’s a fictitious adventure about an author named Jenny who became an uncanny hero and symbol of America’s resilience after terrorists accidentally ruined her debut book signing. Here, she writes about the first date with her fiance, Charlie.
We stopped at a burger joint as we made our way to the rodeo. I don’t remember exactly what we ate, but I recall ordering two number sevens all the way. It’s funny how my mind works sometimes. I often remember something trivial yet forget a seemingly more important detail from around the same time. Maybe it didn’t matter in the first place. I suspect this happens to me more often when I’m excited. I tend to focus on the ludicrous to avoid thinking about whatever is the cause of my excitement. In this case, it was Charlie.