Reluctantly Yours Word Search

Reluctantly Yours is the first book in the Granny Pact series by Jessica Marie Holt. This word search puzzle is made possible by a special collaboration with the author. There’s no way we can do this romantic comedy justice by trying to describe it here so be sure to check out the book’s blurb on Amazon by clicking its title above.

To view the pieces of the puzzle in a different tab or window for printing, just remember to close the new tabs or windows to return here. The puzzle and (MAJOR SPOILER) answer key are JPG images. The list is also available as a text document. You may print these for personal or educational use only. Any other use requires prior written consent of the author.

Small town
Grandpa Henry
Tidbit the cat
Shady Oaks
Roller coaster
Spill the Beans
Second chances
True love
Happy ever after

Connect with the author: Jessica Marie Holt



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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You)
I was not yet certain I would actually write this book about my journey to overcome cigarette addiction, although the thought had crossed my mind a few times. I mainly wanted a couple of photos of this vent as a personal reminder that I did not want to subject my home, my lungs, and the rest of my body to that mess again. I also wanted to share the pictures with a few close friends. I did not realize until much later that the resolution of the photos of this disgusting air vent would be important. I also did not consider being a subject of any of these photos. You can rest assured that if I had known ahead of time I would pose for a photo, I would have changed out of my comical cartoon nightshirt and my snack food baseball cap.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from the opening chapter of one of my works-in-progress)
We didn’t set out to be heroes, but heroes we became. I’m sure you’ve seen our faces on billboards and subway walls. We’re uncanny symbols of America’s determination and resilience. Some people claim we’re not human; some claim we’re not real. We want you to know we are. We do have feelings.
The entire world has heard the sanitized version of that fateful day and how our actions saved millions, but due to matters of national security, the president urged us to wait a year before opening up to the media. On the White House lawn, he commended us for our bravery; in the Oval Office, he thanked us for our silence.
So much remains untold, but through this symphonic memoir, we hope to answer many of the remaining questions. We hope to silence a couple vicious rumors too.


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~ Laurean Brooks ~
Check out the LINK to my Amazon author page if you like romance with convoluted plots, quirky characters, and predicaments that will have you scratching your head.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from a WIP, the name not yet for public consumption)
Charlie helped hold me together when Mom died and I knew he’d also hold me to my promise that I’d use a fair chunk of the money from the insurance policy she’d “fed for the past thirty years” toward an elaborate signing event within six months of publishing Live Happy Or Die Trying.
“Take it into the city,” she’d urged.
So I did. I planned a great book signing right in the heart of Atlanta.
Thirty days before the signing, I was to spend two hours with Rachel Sparks of the Write Connections morning show at Barnesville’s local radio and television station, WBRN. I’d talk with fans who called in and asked questions. At a semi-random moment of the show, primarily determined by a computer, a light on the studio’s soundboard would glow to signify the next two callers win a special prize—a luxurious evening of food and fun after the book signing for them and their dates with me and Charlie.
As part of the deal I had with the station, I received a copy of the audio from the show to use in marketing the book. I’d intended to use sound clips in commercials and have an edited version of the entire show playing softly at the signing until everyone was seated.
Since the doors to the signing were to open at 7:00 in the evening, I’d offer finger foods as they arrived. When the replay of the radio event finished, I’d read ten paragraphs my early fans had voted favorites, followed by a heartfelt talk about the secrets of living happily or as Mom put it, “Live happy, dear. Live happy or die trying.”


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