Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaboration is Coffee. [More info]

Photo by Jill Wellington

Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP The Gambit Queen, an historical fantasy…
(Kaffé is Arabic for coffee.)
“Doubtful, my lord,” Al-Adil said, sitting back on his heels.
Yusuf made an offer of káffe and watched as his brother imbibed of the bitter drink. “The Ifranj seem content to sit outside the walls of Akka until the Last Day. A month ago, perhaps, we might have had some hope, but now… now they grow only bolder in their attacks.”

Let’s peek inside Love’s Full Circle by Cherry Christensen:
“I’ll get a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Do you still take yours with cream and two sugar cubes?”
The white stoneware plates rattled in his hands. “I can’t believe you remembered. I would have thought you had forgotten everything about me, about us.”
Kayden shrugged and poured batter into a waffle iron as the coffee percolated. “Some things you can’t forget.”