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Photo by Silviu Georgescu

Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen, Book Three of an historical fantasy…
He stared sidelong at her. A smile played across the handsome dark features of his face. He backed away through the columns toward the outer door of the Dome and disappeared into the darkness of the night.
His voice came back to her, echoing in the octagonal hall of the Qubbat al-Sakhra. I am the chosen one, my dear Mariamne. The beginning and end of all things in heaven, and earth, and under the earth. I am the Great Power…

~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from a WIP with a female author/mechanic/hero protagonist—book’s title not yet public)
One day while I was working and the bosses were off having lunch, a handsome young man pulled up to one of the open bay doors. I recognized the parking decal in the windshield immediately; we attended the same college. I also recognized a sound coming from his truck indicating the engine wasn’t firing on all eight cylinders. In the engine repair business, we commonly refer to this telltale noise as a “miss” or we’ll say it is “missing on one of the cylinders,” so I didn’t give it a second thought as I welcomed him with a smile and said “Something seems to be missing.”
“Not any more,” he replied with a slow side-to-side shaking of his head as though he had discovered one of the universe’s best-kept secrets. “Not any more.”