Relaxed Friday 59

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

Photo by Tim Hill

In Case You Missed Us
(We missed you too. Welcome back.)
The CleanWIP Magazine group for authors, poets, and other creative people has a new home on MeWe as well as a public page where we can share news and all sorts of fun things with the readers. We apologize to anyone who didn’t catch the advance notice of the move. Incidentally, Facebook’s concept of prioritizing content Facebook deems important played a large part in our difficult decision to make the move. Though the move has been a great deal of work and we dearly miss those who have yet to find us on the new-to-us platform, we’re quite excited about the considerable uptick in visitors and interactions now that fans of CleanWIP Magazine are allowed to directly decide for themselves regarding the importance of our message.