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Since so many had a longer than usual weekend, we don’t want to confuse readers. December 27 is Sunday. Now that we have that settled, we think you’ll enjoy this beautiful poem, recently posted (on a Monday) by a writer we follow.

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A Message of Hope: Clean Fantasy Authors D. Art and Kay McKinney Release Fifth Book in Series on December 26, 2020.

Hope Never Lost, the fifth book in the Mage Saga series, continues the story of Achron Windslo, the white mage once thrust outside of time, now tasked with rebuilding a nation from nearly nothing. Can the growing population of mages in Empleheim find a place in a world that will not understand their very existence and fears the power they possess? And beyond just the wary eyes of their neighbors, the last of the great mages speaks of a far greater danger, one that threatens more than just their world. The quiescent powers in Achron’s family may well prove to be the hope everyone needs.
Building on a series dedicated to exploring the themes of family and virtue, Hope Never Lost presents an adventure that is both clean and exciting, didactic and enjoyable. The Mage Saga is a sweeping fantasy tale of action, surprise, humor, and courage.


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Reconnecting on MeWe
We recently left Facebook and headed to MeWe where we reopened the official CleanWIP collaboration group as well as a public magazine MeWe page to mingle with both readers and authors who like to keep things clean. We’re revisiting Special Edition articles to help readers of MeWe get to know the magazine and the authors who often contribute. This past week, we reconnected with Daphne Self, a long time member of American Christian Fiction Writers. We do hope you’ll join us over on MeWe if you haven’t already, but only after you check out this fun book trailer of Daphne’s Alabama Days.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
Thanks for your interest in this magazine and the creative people who often join in the CleanWIP fun. I founded CleanWIP Magazine in 2019, but I’ve been in the business of repairing Windows-based computers for more than fifteen years now. I only started writing in any serious fashion in 2011 as I quit smoking Tobacco Cigarettes gradually. That’s what they call that product anyway; it was stamped across the front of nearly every pack. The reality of what’s in most cigarettes won’t easily fit on the label, but I’ll return to the point at hand. I eventually published a memoir about my journey to quit smoking and become an author and today I share from my debut book a short tidbit about mending my home.
I became obsessed with removing the “nicotine yellow” from my home. If there was a film of cigarette residue coating something that I could do without, and I was unable to wipe it clean or run it through the washing machine a few times, it was history. Off to the curb it went where it patiently waited for a prepaid ride to the county landfill. I even tossed a few things I could have easily wiped clean, simply because they were almond in color and that color reminded me all too well of the nicotine. To the extent possible, I wanted to repair the damage I had caused to the interior of my home and remove all of the signs of my severe addiction to cigarettes. I did not need these things to ensure I would never forget how horrific this addiction was for me. There were plenty of other handy reminders.


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The beginning of Chanukah (Hanukkah) inspired today’s theme. Here’s an interesting article about Chanukah for those who would like to better understand.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
Here’s a peek deep inside my debut book, Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You, that I began writing as I quit smoking gradually. Trying to make my home—that I had erroneously expected would last my lifetime—smell normal was an enormous undertaking.

In addition to my obsession about removing the cigarette residue from my home, I also put forth much effort to improve the odor of my surroundings. The fresh paint helped diminish the smell of smoke, but it was not exactly the pleasant “new home” smell I had in mind. I used a little bit of incense, candles, sticky air fresheners, and also the type of air fresheners that you plug into a wall outlet. All of these helped considerably.
One of my favorite forms of smell modification was the gelatinous air fresheners. These seemed to work best of everything I tried. Once I found out about the truly amazing power of these cone-shaped gelatinous wonders of the world, I purchased dozens of the raspberry scented ones and then placed them strategically throughout my home. I placed two in the living room, three in the master bedroom, one on the kitchen table with two others nearby, two in the bathroom, and two in my office. My home may have qualified as the raspberry capital of the southern states.


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In 2009, the US Senate passed a resolution to establish National Miners Day as an official day to honor miners and to reflect upon their many great accomplishments and sacrifices. The date of December 6 was chosen out of particular respect to the 1907 mining tragedy in Monongah, West Virginia.
So, while much of our article today might reflect a different meaning of the word, we nonetheless thank those who risk everything to gather the raw resources for the products we use.

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It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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New to MeWe
We recently moved from Facebook to MeWe and our site stats show we’re rebuilding our social presence stronger than ever. Since we’re so new to MeWe, we’re revisiting many favorite articles on our new magazine page there. We’re also reconstructing our collaboration group for authors, poets, bloggers, and other creative people. We hope you’ll join us there if you haven’t already.
Private group for creators:
Public page for readers and creators:
But, Earl, we are friends:


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Earlier this week…


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(This is likely the lengthiest teaser I’ve shared so far from this WIP. I’ve not yet released the name of it for public consumption.)

Dana excitedly told us how much she loved the book already and that she’d just picked it up the day before, hoping to find a way to handle the stress from an awful predicament she and her husband Mark were dealing with at the time.
“It started early Friday morning about three weeks ago. We woke to a horrific sound. Our dog Rocky must’ve reckoned it was after his food. I thought he was about to scratch a hole through the door. We worried he’d jump the fence if we let him out.”
“What happened next, Dana?” I asked.
“Well, I thought it might be a delivery truck at first, but it sounded more like a tank. Mark said he didn’t see any reason someone would have a tank out there, but he wrapped himself up appropriately and said if he wasn’t back in ten minutes, I should call the police and let them know we’re under attack.”
“What,” I interjected.
Dana continued. “That’s exactly what I said. Then he told me he’s just kidding but ensured me that one look at Rocky would send even the worst of enemies trucking. Mark growled and then added ‘I’ll be back before you can spell onomatopoeia backwards.’ ‘I hope that horrible noise is gone long before then,’ I tell him. ‘I love you, baby cakes.’ Oh wow. Are you going to edit this?”
Dana has such a soothing voice. It’s ideal for radio. I reminded her the show is aired live, then urged her to continue.
“Oh my.” She chuckled, obviously a little embarrassed. “Well, Mark returned about fifteen minutes later…


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