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Photo by Myriam

The beginning of Chanukah (Hanukkah) inspired today’s theme. Here’s an interesting article about Chanukah for those who would like to better understand.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
Here’s a peek deep inside my debut book, Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You, that I began writing as I quit smoking gradually. Trying to make my home—that I had erroneously expected would last my lifetime—smell normal was an enormous undertaking.

In addition to my obsession about removing the cigarette residue from my home, I also put forth much effort to improve the odor of my surroundings. The fresh paint helped diminish the smell of smoke, but it was not exactly the pleasant “new home” smell I had in mind. I used a little bit of incense, candles, sticky air fresheners, and also the type of air fresheners that you plug into a wall outlet. All of these helped considerably.
One of my favorite forms of smell modification was the gelatinous air fresheners. These seemed to work best of everything I tried. Once I found out about the truly amazing power of these cone-shaped gelatinous wonders of the world, I purchased dozens of the raspberry scented ones and then placed them strategically throughout my home. I placed two in the living room, three in the master bedroom, one on the kitchen table with two others nearby, two in the bathroom, and two in my office. My home may have qualified as the raspberry capital of the southern states.