The #CleanWIP theme for January 18, 2021 is Similar. It’s National Thesaurus Day here in the US and a great time to remind the authors who often join in the CleanWIP fun that an exact match to our theme is never necessary. We love synonyms and we love to share writers’ words with readers.

Photo by Bodobe

Lea Carter ~
(excerpt from A Country Mile)
Lowering her passenger side window a bit, she hummed along with an old song on the radio. In an unusual bit of luck, the radio station kept up a steady stream of similar, hummable songs all the way home.

Earl Chinnici ~
(from a work-in-progress with a secret title)
He closed my door and in a flourishing maneuver similar to a cowboy mounting a horse, hopped into the bed of the truck. By then, I was seriously questioning his motives and his ear-to-ear grin didn’t help ease my suspicious mind. From beneath a loose spare tire, he carefully removed a large cardboard sign and held it for me to read.
I was impressed. I could tell he’d spent a lot of time preparing it and I was more than a little ashamed for doubting his motives. He had glued rhinestones and glitter of various colors to make pictures on the sign. Small hearts and horseshoes he’d placed pseudo-randomly around a large horse, rider, and barrel at the center. Artistically forming the glitter into huge rustic letters, he had written “Cowgirl up, Kinsley. Turn & burn!”