The #CleanWIP theme for January 19, 2021 is POP.

Photo by Alexa

Earl Chinnici ~
(I couldn’t find today’s theme in any of my works-in-progress so I’m sharing a little from MAYBE… about my dad.)
I first began to toss around the idea of writing this book while I was yet smoking cigarettes and writing time entries and notes within my composition book. Somewhere or some time along my journey to be nicotine-free, I began to consider that I might be able to use my handwritten notes from my composition book to get ideas for writing an actual book. One day when Mom asked, “How are you coming along with writing the times” I smirked, maybe even chuckled, and then I replied, “Writing the times? I’m writing a book.” Although I expected my mom to laugh at such a silly notion, I could tell by the expression on her face she was going to hold me to it. Just for the fun of it, I repeated this statement to Dad about fifteen minutes later. I do wish I could have included in this book side-by-side photos of both of their expressions.