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Photo by Arkadiusz Förster

Earl Chinnici ~
Over the years, I’ve heard many people express concern about gaining weight if they quit smoking. Although it usually comes across to others as just one more excuse, this worry is definitely not without merit. Cigarette smoke is poisonous and, generally speaking, when people quit ingesting these poisons, their appetite returns—often with a vengeance. The trick seems to be finding balance then establishing a personalized set of rules that help maintain that balance. Though it seemed I had this conquered prior to publishing, I later surpassed the weight I had mentioned in the book and it is still an everyday struggle.
Here’s a peek deep inside MAYBE….
I would often wake up with numbness affecting the vast majority of my body. This seems to have stopped when I quit smoking. My appetite also continued to improve. In March of 2011, I weighed only 129 pounds. By the end of November that year, my weight fluctuated between 150 to 155 pounds. I sincerely hoped my weight would level off at 155 pounds, since this felt right to me. It didn’t.
I reached 170 pounds at one point in 2012, but as I finalize this in December of 2013, it seems with a little effort I have been able to maintain a comfortable 155 to 160 pounds. I just have to reply “No. Thank you.” to dessert sometimes and I have to keep active as much as possible. I also have to avoid certain cheesy snacks that always seem to seduce me into eating much more than a reasonable portion.