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Photo by James Fernandes Silva

~ Laurean Brooks ~
(from Beneath A Macon Moon)
“Born with a silver spoon in her mouth” described Jaela’s life to a tee; but if her mother’s behavior was any indication, Jaela’s perfect world was about to shatter. The late afternoon sun slanted through half-closed blinds, glinting off the ballerina atop the music box. As a child, Jaela found comfort in the melody. The music box had not been wound since Dad died. The compulsion to hear it grew until it overcame Jaela’s fear of invoking bittersweet memories.
She picked up the box and wound it. Beautiful music flooded the room. Jaela hugged it close and waltzed around the room, soaking in the tinkling melody of “You’ll Be In My Heart.” 
When the music died, she dropped the lid. But it would not close. An envelope, folded to fit the interior, was wedged in the music box, preventing it from closing.
Who had put it there, and what did the message say?

~ Katy Huth Jones ~
“Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Mathairia’s great eye twinkled.
“We are indeed.” Mercy leaned in and hugged the great dragon. “And you are fearfully and wonderfully generous.”

Lea Carter ~
(from Silver Princess)
“He is like a wild butterfly. Beautiful and strong, but born free. They shrivel and die in captivity.”
My father hugged me and stepped back. Brushing the last of the tears from my face, he smiled & said something very strange.

~ Katy Huth Jones ~
Fiona came over and balled her fists on her hips. “Auntie Gwen, Papa is not a rascal.”
Gwendolyn put her arm around the girl and hugged her. “I was teasing your Papa. You know I like to tease him.”