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Photo by Syaibatul Hamdi

Earl Chinnici ~
(Jenny is a young writer who became quite popular after terrorists showed up at her book signing accidentally. She’s also the main character and storyteller in this novel-in-progress. Here, she tells about her first date with her fiance, Charlie. The book’s title is not yet public.)
He closed my door and in a flourishing maneuver similar to a cowboy mounting a horse, hopped into the bed of the truck. By then, I was seriously questioning his motives and his ear-to-ear grin didn’t help ease my suspicious mind. From beneath a loose spare tire, he carefully removed a large cardboard sign and held it for me to read.
I was impressed. I could tell he’d spent a lot of time preparing it and I was more than a little ashamed for doubting his motives. He had glued rhinestones and glitter of various colors to make pictures on the sign. Small hearts and horseshoes he’d placed pseudo-randomly around a large horse, rider, and barrel at the center. Artistically forming the glitter into huge rustic letters, he had written “Cowgirl up, Kinsley. Turn & burn!”