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It’s Groundhog Day 2021. But, we don’t have to talk about that. Here’s some news and an excerpt less likely to make anyone cry. I have removed “Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You” from a contract which required, among other things, exclusivity with Amazon and I plan to soon republish MAYBE… to make it available in more places. The following paragraphs are from a special chapter of the book titled “Tips, Tricks, and Dramatic Visualizations” I wrote primarily after I had completely freed myself of cigarette addiction.
Remember, smoking is not going to help anything. No matter how rough your day may seem, smoking a cigarette will not make it even a smidgen better. However, it is possible that smoking even one cigarette could make your day much worse. I am certain you can think of at least a few ways your addiction to cigarettes might ruin your day. As a “warm-up exercise,” please allow your imagination to run wild as you consider these two possibilities.
Imagine accidentally dropping a burning cigarette into your lap as you are driving home. In an instant, your focus is no longer on driving. You lose control of your vehicle as you try to keep the runaway cigarette from burning your clothes, or even worse. Drive that one home.
Next, imagine sitting near a campfire with your friends, smoking cigarettes and carrying on about boats. You begin to feel lightheaded and nauseous. Within the span of two minutes, this feeling of nausea takes second fiddle to the pain that is now emanating from the center of your chest. You lose your grip on your cigarette and it falls to the ground. At that same moment, you begin to grasp that you are indeed experiencing a heart attack. Dramatic visualizations are strong reminders of the reasons why you want less poison in your life, of benefits of overcoming your cigarette addiction, or of the negative effects of smoking. They can be a tremendous help to a cigarette reduction project since they do not require a vast technical knowledge about cigarettes. On the contrary, dramatic visualizations only require an imagination.

I appreciate your interest in this magazine and your patience as I continue to try to connect and reconnect with others who are willing to share from their works here. As you can probably imagine, my recent decision to leave Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has created several challenges. I’m also relocating the CleanWIP storefront. I may toss in an overall redesign project for good measure. All sarcasm aside, I’m loving the new magazine business page over at MeWe. Whether you’re a reader or writer of clean writings, I hope you’ll join us there.

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