Relaxed Friday 77

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

Photo by Julita

Earl Chinnici ~
This first “phase” of “my project” lasted for a period of twelve to thirteen weeks. A major factor in the length of my “Phase One” is that I didn’t know there was going to be a “Phase Two”. I did not yet even realize I had a project underway. However, I did want to smoke less. I also felt it would be nice to choose whether to smoke and not just do it because of habit or addiction.
Once I allowed myself to consider the many aspects of my habit rather than just make excuses, I realized that my addiction to tobacco cigarettes was way out of control as far back as junior high school. I wondered how much longer I could continue to inhale all of this poisonous smoke each day before I would need a breathing tube.