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Photo by Kookay

Earl Chinnici ~
(The opening paragraphs of MAYBE…)
“Maybe you should move those things away from you”, she said. I was standing in front of a mirror that rests on the large hardwood dresser in my bedroom. Since I did not see anything out of the ordinary on the dresser, I quickly turned around and scanned the remainder of the room for any sign of a threat. What was it?
Although her tone was gentle, she obviously warned me of a danger I did not see. I realize this might seem a bit melodramatic, but several hairs on both of my arms tingled as I searched for these mysterious things and considered how it could be possible for her to see some dangerous thing in my bedroom that I did not see. I then considered for a moment how this was similar to a guessing game I used to play with my siblings. My mind raced through the possibilities and yet I was extremely slow to realize my life was in danger.