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Photo Courtesy of NASA: S69-34316 (18 May 1969) — Overall view of the Mission Operations Control Room in the Mission Control Center, Building 30, on the first day of the Apollo 10 lunar orbit mission. A color television transmission was being received from Apollo 10. This picture was made following Command and Service Module/Lunar Module/Saturn IVB (CSM/LM-S-IVB) separation and prior to LM extraction from the S-IVB. The CSM were making the docking approach to the LM/S-IVB.

Earl Chinnici ~
“We don’t have to discuss your temper right now, but you’ll have to face it someday. Until you learn to control yourself, nothing will ever change. You’ll never hold down a job for more than a few months. You’ll always… —Charlie?”
I listened but heard nothing. Spirits completely deflated, I continued to speak aloud, albeit softly, to no one. “I hate when you walk out and slam the door while I’m talking to you. Maybe someday you’ll realize I’m only trying to help. Maybe someday you’ll…”