For readers, CleanWIP Magazine is a great place to read brief teasers from both published books and upcoming, but yet unpublished, works of authors who write toward the clean end of the spectrum. Readers can also expect to find articles, personal glimpses, free book deals, and new release announcements from these same authors.

We’re glad you joined us as we work together to bring you great content you can feel comfortable reading aloud to a room filled with strangers in a laundromat while waiting for clothes to dry. (Results may vary.)

For authors who market their writings as CLEAN or a similar distinction, we’re a friend in your corner. We aim to help with exposure and author networking as well as inspiration.

About the #CleanWIP Hashtag

Why does CleanWIP Magazine do this?

  • CleanWIP Magazine hosts the #CleanWIP author hashtag game six days a week (Sunday through Friday) to help us find clean content to share with readers and to help us find authors who market their works as CLEAN. Our favorite #CleanWIP lines might be used in the magazine—always with proper author credit.

What’s in it for authors?

  • Exposure. We might use your lines in this e-zine. Even lines we don’t pick for the site, you are sharing with your fans and doing so in such a way you’re also encouraging others, perhaps especially authors of the same genre, to share with their fans.
  • Theme-based hashtag games also help authors clean their works-in-progress of overused words, improper use of homonyms, poor sentence structure, and all sorts of other things authors don’t generally like to send out to beta readers and editors.
  • Some writers use our themes as impromptu writing prompts or as character inspiration.

How it works.

  • We generally post new themes each Thursday for the week approaching on the Themes page of this e-zine.
  • We announce the themes in a special thread in our collaboration group. (Please visit our Contact page for up-to-date info on the location.)
  • We encourage writers of clean writings to create a public social network post, pin, tweet, chirp, whatever… with the #CleanWIP hashtag and an interesting line… or two… or three… maybe six… from a work-in-progress or published work they retain copyright of based on the posted theme. To help us and other members of the group find those posts & tweets, we encourage authors to also post a link to each on the relevant collaboration group thread. Alternatively, authors can share lines in our collaboration group directly without #CleanWIP and we’ll link author names to Amazon author profiles or other agreed upon locations.
  • Relaxed Fridays are similar, but slightly different.

Some of the decorative photos attached to article and header images used throughout the magazine are by CleanWIP Magazine founder, Earl Chinnici, and are copyrighted on the date of publication. All Rights Reserved. We also use contributed photos as well as photos from websites that give permission for commercial use. (We try to always give prominent credit to the photographer, even when this is not required).