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Whether you are a reader, a writer, or both, I greatly appreciate your interest in CleanWIP Magazine and the #CleanWIP cross-platform hashtag exercise. I have some great plans and as you surely know, great plans don’t always fly. Nonetheless, I’m rolling up my proverbial sleeves and making a few adjustments, determined to push forward with those plans and continue to create fun articles that highlight those who choose to write on the less vulgar and less gory end of the writing spectrum.

I announced in our CleanWIP collaboration group back in November that I was leaving Facebook and Twitter. The move from Facebook was swift and I quickly started networking and reconnecting with authors and readers via MeWe. For various reasons, I have been slower to leave Twitter. One hurdle I’m facing is the Twitter-embedded animated theme announcements. Deleting my account as I did with Facebook will distort every previous article here. But, let’s face it, several years ago Twitter left those who wish to immerse in decency and common courtesy each day. The constant hatred and vulgarities promoted via the manipulated What’s happening section surely can’t be healthy nor can the targeted advertising directly in the feed. Alas. I choose to shift my focus away from all of that to instead focus on the encouraging… the comical… the beautiful… the inspirational… and continue to bring you great content from people who also prefer the clean end of the spectrum.

So, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or both, thank you. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join us as we connect and reconnect on MeWe—where I also intend to work much harder on my social skills.


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Raisin Cookies, Holidays, and Other Taboos

By Earl Chinnici, owner / operator of CleanWIP Magazine.

I’m a peculiar person and I suspect you are too. I guess that’s okay. If you were like me or I was like you and everyone else was like us, things could get monotonous in a hurry. Trouble is, several of my peculiarities likely have been named and a strange tone of voice applied each time they are mentioned in public. I don’t know, nor do I want to know, those names.

If you’ve spent any time at all on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of users announce in their bios that RTs ≠ endorsements. Sometimes, a user will even spell it out for the viewer, retweets do not equal endorsements. It’s like, make no mistake, since these people were so kind recently when they retweeted my new release apocalyptic steampunk romantic comedy, I’m letting them know I appreciate it by retweeting their raisin cookie recipe—even though I personally despise raisin cookies. And some people feel this way about holidays and some feel this way about opossums and some feel this way about cats, and some feel this way about caterpillars, and if you pick any item that can be named and ask around about it, somebody somewhere feels the same way about it too. But this magazine isn’t about them and ultimately, it isn’t about me either. It is about the authors who market their books as clean and the readers who love them.

Reading is paramount. Even though I can’t always feel great about every book or teaser we include here, I can feel great about promoting literacy. Perhaps somebody needs to read Caterpillars in Space Eating Raisin Cookies to pave the way for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Bottom line: I intend to and will put forth a great effort to include in CleanWIP Magazine a wide variety of the things I know readers love, even though the likely-named peculiarities within me will certainly at times cause me great anxiety about some of the things I share here.

In addition, some materials for this site are submitted by others. I don’t necessarily share their opinions and they don’t necessarily endorse this site, although some will. Some guests may also write material which is not suitable for all ages. Please use discretion when following links.

So authors, bring on those raisin cookies, holidays, and other taboos! So long as you feel confident about marketing your writing as clean and your works are respectful of others, join in the #CleanWIP hashtag game for authors and if you’re also interested in enjoying the benefits of an ‘open door’ of communication regarding special events and promotions, your book deals, new releases and newest news, join the CleanWIP collaboration group as well.

By all means, feel free to share this article with others. After all, retweets do not equal endorsements.

WARNING: Great Content Ahead

Readers, we’re just getting this party started so you will notice a little confusion regarding the #CleanWIP and #CleanWIPtheme hashtag use in the tweets below. Search for #CleanWIP across the social networks to find content from authors who want you to know they market their books as ‘clean’ and are willing to share sneak peeks of their current works-in-progress.

(Note for authors: #CleanWIPtheme existed only to help you find the theme each day. It was a bad idea. To help circumvent further confusion, we’ll use ‘#CleanWIP theme’ instead on our public social media posts. Thanks for joining us!)

Let’s meet some of the authors who are joining in the #CleanWIP fun. This is just a quick and haphazard example of the kind of great content you can expect here at CleanWIP Magazine.