Kindle Stuffers

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production

Did you know you can give most Kindle books available in the Kindle Store as a gift to anyone with an email address? Recipients can read their new Kindle book on any supported Amazon device or the Kindle reading app. A note in Amazon’s help area does state you’ll need a valid 1-Click payment method set up for your account. (Manage Your Content and Devices, select Settings, then click Edit Payment Method below Digital Payment Settings.)

Once you’re sure your 1-Click is set up, just select the book you’d like to send as a gift and on the product detail page, click the Buy for others button. Enter the email address of your gift recipient, a delivery date, and a message. When you’re sure of the other info, click Place your order.

If you’re unsure of the recipient’s email address, you can select Email the gift to me before placing your order so you can forward the gift email or print and personally deliver it. The recipient simply enters the gift claim code from the email, after logging in to their Amazon account.

With this in mind, and also because the owner of CleanWIP Magazine is an Amazon Associate who earns from qualifying purchases, we asked frequent CleanWIP Magazine contributors to suggest one of their books as a Kindle Stuffer to help our readers who might be struggling with gift ideas. (The snarky bits are our own attempts at levity.)

A Mermaid Under the Mistletoe by Jessica L. Elliott is perfect for the reader who enjoys romance with a little mystery and seems a great way to start off a Kindle stuffing spree. Loosely inspired by the fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, A Mermaid Under the Mistletoe takes a professional mermaid from Hawaii to Minneapolis where she meets a cynical insurance investigator, and a girl in need of a second chance. Heartwarming, fun, and with a beautiful message of hope and faith.

For those who like inspirational memoirs, Overcoming the Odds is Keith Guernsey’s amazing true story of triumphs over cancer, two rounds of life-threatening brain surgery and a battle with obesity! We hear it also makes a great Kindle Stuffer.

Arthur Daigle’s Goblin Stories is a collection of short stories that blend into a single cohesive story. It’s fun for all ages, with goblin related stupidity, craziness and traps big enough to catch armies. No Kindle stuffing would be complete without some goblins. You can be sure of that.

Even readers who prefer the clean end of the spectrum sometimes yearn to hear about the many scandals entangling the lives of others.
In Laurean Brooks’ To Trust Her Heart, the scandal surrounding Amanda Wilkes’ husband’s death and the debt he leaves behind, forces her to seek employment. The bad marriage strengthens her resolve to remain single. Then one at her new boss, Attorney Jake Tyler, leaves Amanda confused. Dare she trust her heart again?
Jake Tyler plans to raise his seven-year-old-son alone, following his wife’s death. But his resolve teeters at the sparks in Amanda’s green eyes. What lies behind his secretary’s cool facade, and why does she weep over sad love songs? Can he handle what he uncovers?
An enemy crouches in Tyler Law Firm determined to destroy Amanda’s reputation and get her fired. Who is it and what lies behind this ploy?
Well, that really is the million dollar question as they say. Stuff a friend’s Kindle with it and you’re sure to find out soon.

In Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War (Letters from War Book 1) by Scott R Rezer, we have a grieving widow, a country torn by civil war, and a handful of letters professing a husband’s love… Here at CleanWIP Magazine, this sounds like the recipe for a Kindle Stuffer if we’ve ever heard one.
Five months after his death, the body of Sarah’s husband, a Union soldier, finally comes home for burial in Philadelphia. Taylor’s burial, though, rather than putting her unresolved grief to rest, begins a journey that will not just test her faith, but will plumb the depths of her devotion to her dead husband. Pushed to the edge of anger and despair, Sarah turns to the few letters sent to her by Taylor from the front lines in a desperate need to understand the guilt she feels over his death. From the bloody battlefields of Winchester and Bull Run to the quiet streets of Philadelphia, comes a tale of war and forgiveness—of a love rekindled from beyond the grave.

Christmas at Dumpster Corral by Irene Onorato is 100% Kindle stuffing material. When Noel Dupree’s estranged father undermines her recently deceased mother’s will, he takes away her childhood home and the florist business her mother left to her. Fate steps in when a blinding rainstorm causes her to miss a turn on the way to a friend’s house, leading her to an unlikely place, and an uncertain destiny.

You’ll definitely want to stuff a few Kindles with Second Chance in Summit County (Summit County Series Book 1) by Katherine Karrol.
Her: “My marriage, career, and reputation just crashed around me and eliminated the little trust I had left in myself to make good decisions. I packed my bags, shook the dust off my feet, and started driving, begging God to tell me where to go. He brought me to a tiny, charming Northern Michigan town, where I’m recreating my life from scratch – without men.”
Him: “My whole world turned upside down when I lost the love of my life and had to start over as a single father. I am now both mother and father to my little girl and have built my life around taking care of her and protecting my heart from ever being hurt like that again. Love is not a part of my life anymore.”
God: “We’ll see about that.”

No Kindle stuffing is complete without at least one murder so we present Murder Under the Magnolias (Grace’s Augusta Mysteries Book 1) by Charmain Zimmerman Brackett.
A major golf tournament in town makes for a busy social calendar for floral designer Grace Ward. When she discovers a body face up in the Savannah River, she wonders if there’s more than golf in town for the week.

Like a murderer maybe. But then, Grace might not know it was murder since probably no one told her the title of the book. It’s thoughts like these that beg to be pondered that have made so many short of time and scurrying for gift ideas in the first place. Guess it’s time we get busy stuffing Kindles.