The #CleanWIP theme for February 23, 2021 is CAT. [More info]

Earl Chinnici ~
(excerpt from MAYBE…)
These cigarettes certainly did not taste like the popular brand that I used to smoke. I had grown accustomed to them, mind you, but the taste was nothing short of disgusting and they seemed to irritate my throat more than the cigarettes that I used to smoke. I often wondered why. I had even noticed that I was coughing a lot more as of late. In fairness, I am not certain that cigarettes were the culprit. Maybe dust was to blame. Maybe it was pollen. Maybe I shouldn’t kiss my cats every time that I pass by them. Maybe if you give me a minute I can think of another excuse.


Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is DOG. [More info]

Photo by Christina Chiz

Jessica Marie Holt ~
“You should have shot him,” said Henry. “That dog’s a menace. I ran at him with a pitchfork the other day, and he lunged at me like he wasn’t even scared. Once I whacked him with it he knew I meant business, and he ran off.”
“I told Frank if he didn’t get him under control, I’d end up shooting him eventually.” 
“Why does Frank even keep a dog like that?” asked Henry. 
“Vernon Peedin got him for protection when the Willis brothers threatened to burn his house down, with him in it, after he testified against them in court. Vernon kept the thing on a good solid chain, and he always took proper care of his fences. And, the dog obeyed him. But you know Frank. He’s lazy and careless. He don’t even look after his mama, let alone keep his dog secure.”
Henry shook his head. “Some folks just don’t have any sense of decency.”
“Too true,” said Jim. He turned to Louis. “So, your first order of business is going to be filling in the hole that hell hound made, and making sure the coop is secure.”