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Photo courtesy of Pixabay

~ Scott R. Rezer ~
I started writing in high school because I wanted to write books I wanted to read. I love reading, but I love writing more. But, as it turns out, I actually write books that I don’t read! Go figure. As an adult I shopped around several novels but never found a publisher, though a few agents were interested, but only if I wrote something the thought would be more marketable. I refused. When indy publishing took off, I knew I had a place. And here I am, forty years later with eight books and several more on the way. It all began with reading.

~ Keith D Guernsey ~
I never intended to become an author. I was just making notes from my playing and coaching days (football and hockey), and 25 years later it became Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
In 2011, I quit smoking that product endearingly called “Tobacco Cigarettes”. During the process, I started jotting down the time I lit each cigarette. These time entries progressed quickly into complete paragraphs, eventually becoming the foundation of my first book. I only wish I had started much sooner.