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Photo by Frank Winkler

~ Earl Chinnici ~
I began writing in a composition book in 2011 as I quit smoking gradually then later published a memoir about the journey. After much consideration, I decided to include in the book the notes I had written, in nearly raw form so as not to leave out something that might help somebody else overcome tobacco cigarette addiction. Reading this short passage from the morning of my third day without a cigarette still makes me feel good—despite the many tragedies that have since occurred. Can you imagine if I had been smoking a cigarette when the tornado destroyed my home around me? It’s strange this moment is the first time that thought crossed my mind.

The sun is just beginning to rise, relatively speaking. It is 6:20 and I feel good, as I sit here on the steps just outside of my front door and enjoy a cup of dark roasted coffee and a symphony of birds and other animals. This just keeps getting better.