Anonymous Book Club

The anonymous book club of… well… we don’t know where… is a fantastical group of readers, but they’re also one of the most indecisive groups around. They called last week—from a restricted, untraceable number—and told us they always have a hard time deciding which book to read next.
We told them about all the great authors we’ve met who prefer the clean end of the spectrum. They were intrigued, but still couldn’t decide which author to choose—or which book.
So we enlisted the help of the authors and asked them to recommend one of their books and briefly explain why the book club should choose it.

Laurean Brooks – Not What He Ordered is the book for you if you are attracted to the Alpha-male who protects his lady at all costs. NWHO is a Western mail order bride story set in 1880s Texas and includes accidental deception, secrets, misunderstandings, romance, and intrigue. It also contains an account of a historical conflict over the county seat that took place in Buffalo Gap, Texas. NWHO includes both laughter, wit, and tears. Its characters are lovable, interesting–sometimes humorous –but real and flawed. One reviewer writes, “I couldn’t put the book down, so my husband had cornflakes for supper.” (A great Christmas gift for a historical romance fan.)

Arthur Daigle – William Bradshaw King of the Goblins is a blend of fantasy and comedy suitable for all ages. Watch William Bradshaw, king to all goblins, try desperately to escape his job! Cheer Will on as he faces knights and archers, a fire breathing dragon with marital problems, and a human king with the IQ of a potato, and not the good kind of potato! Join the chaos and mayhem in Will Bradshaw’s first of many adventures in William Bradshaw, King of the Goblins!

Linda Ellen – Oh, you’re gonna love my book Sweet Love at Honey Landing, because not only did it just win an award for the best historical fiction novel of 2019, but it has something for everyone. It’s an 1870 mail order bride story, but with a twist. It’s western, yet not too far west, as it takes place in Louisville, KY. The heroine is a war widow with a five year old daughter, traveling to Kansas to marry with a hotel owner, but on the way the steamboat she’s traveling on has major problems right in front of our heroes river front farm/steamboat landing. If you love stories with an awesome hero, amazing chemistry, wonderful location based on a real place, great side characters, mystery, surprises, bad guys who get what’s coming to them, laughter, tears, the awe factor, and a super memorable HEA, then this is the story for you. It’s packed with history and little known facts. One reviewer wrote “After the first few pages I knew this book was going to be good, by the end I knew I had found one of my favorite books of all time!” Sweet Love at Honey Landing: A Mail Order Bride Story – with a Twist! (Maple Heights Series Book 1

Danielle Thorne – (On A Pirate at Pembroke): I’d propose this historical romance to a book club because it deals with family, heartache, overcoming obstacles, social themes (like gossip and advancement), learning to think for oneself, and of course, love.

Irene Onorato – When the stability of Tanzy’s no-kill dog shelter is threatened by proposed new zoning laws, will her budding romance with the new guy in town prove to be a help or hindrance in saving it.
 Thanksgiving at Canine Corral – Real life struggles, bonds of friendship, and squeaky-clean romance.

Scott R. Rezer – (On Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood): So why should you read my Biblical novel? Let a Historical Novel Society reviewer explain: “…a version of the Noah story from the Old Testament that is both richly imagined and radically different from anything readers are likely to have read before… well-done political intrigue, vexing questions of faith, and a deep and challenging portrait of Noah himself. The action builds slowly and expertly as the unthinkable disaster of the Flood looms closer and closer, and Rezer’s so skilful at infusing his entirely human stories with drama that most readers will likely start to think of the forty days and forty nights of rain as something of an anti-climax.”

Keith D Guernsey – (On Overcoming the Odds: This is my story of triumphs over cancer, life-threatening brain surgery – twice and obesity!): Our readers tell us it is a very inspirational story!

Jessica Marie Holt – (On Reluctantly Yours): This is a fresh and funny spin on your typical matchmaker romance. It’s fast-paced, witty, and has vivid, fun characters, including two meddlesome, but lovable granny best friends who steal the show. Also, cats, nosy neighbors, and pie.

M. L. Farb – Looking for an adventure you’ll never forget? Then check out The King’s Trial.
“Farb has created story line, character development, humor, plot twists, incredible prose, and deep truths that are all phenomenal, making this book stand out on my shelf.” – Amazon review

Jessica L. Elliott – Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I would recommend Bless His Heart, a stand-alone novella in the Blessings of Love series. A matchmaking grandma, a cynical big city boy, and a sassy small town girl discover how blessed they truly are. Bless His Heart is full of tender moments and laugh out loud humor.