Broken But Not Dead

(a poem by Earl Chinnici)

Photo by Curt Cornum

how long has it been
since i saw your pretty face
we were grown children

and you went your way
i suppose i went mine too
it seems both are true

but now i’m broken
many decisions do haunt
this body and mind

broken but not dead
a peculiar state i’m in
and time passes by

unable to ask
these questions upon my mind
will you be afraid

if only you knew
how much i think about you
would you run away

or would you reply
that i’m also on your mind
and that scares you too

would you tell me then
that you’re also quite broken
but hide it so well

your kindness a front
and the smile on your face
who could ever know

years have passed us by
a peculiar state we’re in
strange to see you here

i yearn to touch you
to hold your hand as we walk
any place or time

maybe it’s silly
or maybe we always knew
we would meet again

broken but not dead

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