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Photo by Michael Gottwald

Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen, Book Three of The Magdalen Cycle, an historical fantasy set during the crusades…
Hugh grunted. Henri glanced up at the brown-haired former prince of Galilee. His was not a face that hid his annoyance well. His hawk nose lent him a fierce look that marched his piercing blue eyes. “My lord, I was born in those hills. I know the land. If the Germans meet no resistance, they will for certes find themselves riding down into lands patrolled by Muslim riders. We must ride out after them before they succeed in their raid. Perhaps, we can bring them back before they endanger the peace.”

~ Earl Chinnici ~
My words were not as well-received as I’d hoped. “You must be out of your mind, Jenny. You think I should apologize after the way that country-clubbing jerk treated me? Whose side are you on anyway? I should have known you’d bring up my temper again. You never let things be. Most people put in their two cents, but you always manage to donate a dollar.”
I nearly lost it then and there, but managed to recall the second chapter of my first book where I wrote about my “Live Happy This Second” theory and I replied with every bit of stoicism I could muster. “That’s not very nice, Charlie. If you didn’t want my opinion, you shouldn’t have asked.”