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Photo by Aline Henda

Earl Chinnici ~
From my first published book, Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You, which will be featured as a Kindle Free Book Deal on the days leading up to this year’s Great American Smokeout (November 19, 2020).
It took me a few months to grasp what was going on here. I was unwittingly using hard candies as a substitute for the sugar I had been ingesting through cigarettes in a manner very similar to how I used nicotine patches to wean off nicotine. If I would have understood this at first, it is possible I might have been able to regulate my usage of candy and used it as more of a tool than a new addiction. Instead, I eventually realized that these small hard candies had become a very large problem for me.
I then attempted to wean myself off the hard candies, but when it seemed it was going to be nearly impossible to do it this way, I decided to stop buying those candies altogether. I am sure I used more sugar in my coffee over the next few days than I normally would have, but I seem to have eventually reached a manageable level.