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Photo by Hans Braxmeier

Earl Chinnici ~
(This excerpt is from a special chapter of MAYBE… titled “Tips, Tricks, and Dramatic Visualizations.”)
Cigarette smoke can ruin practically anything. Electronic devices such as phones, computers, gaming systems, and audio systems are no exception. Consider this as you choose places where you will ban smoking. Get that sticky smoke away from these things!
Be realistic with your goals, but challenge yourself every day to some extent. Changing your addiction should be fairly easy if you take it slow and steady. Be firm with yourself, yet remain slightly flexible. Adjust your plan if you feel you must, but try to stay focused on your goals.
Bite off only what you can chew. Speaking of which, if you do not take care of your teeth, someday chewing might become far less enjoyable. Imagine trying to eat broccoli, pretzels, or potato chips with nearly all of your teeth broken. If you thirst for knowledge or you hunger for a distraction, learn about “vasoconstrictors” such as nicotine. Research it!