Character Dinner Date

There was much talk this week among authors who prefer the clean end of the spectrum that CleanWIP Magazine was planning to arrange an elaborate, all expenses paid, dinner for each of them and a character from a work-in-progress or a published book. They only had to answer the question “Who would you choose and why?”

Well… the bad news is this was only a rumor. On the bright side, the responses were quite fun.

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Lea Carter – It would have to be Lady/Doctor Cassidy, because we need to talk. Her fickle behavior is driving me crazy! If she loves that man, she needs to tell me so I can quit writing them in circles.
Don’t worry about the fancy dinner, actually. Give us the ingredients and we can prep while we talk, it’ll give us something to do with our hands, lol.

(You can meet Doctor Cassidy Clark in Heartwood, book 7 of the Silver Sagas series.)

Arthur Daigle – William Bradshaw King of the Goblins needs, nay, deserves this opportunity. He spends all his time surrounded by goblins, small, stupid, mildly crazy and exceedingly dirty goblins who set traps for fun. Getting away from them for a few hours is an act of charity whether there is food involved or not.

(Will’s most recent appearance is in William Bradshaw and Urban Problems, the fifth book in the Will Bradshaw series.)

Ruth O’Neil – The character from my WIP that I would love to have dinner with is Abby (With Every Breath). She’s turning out to be a real brat. If I met with her, we could have a good chat and maybe I’d smack her upside the head in hopes of knocking some sense into her.

Irene Onorato – I’d have to bring hubby, of course, but I’d have dinner with Brandon, the male lead in my WIP. He’s a young preacher who finds that the church for which he’d accepted a pastorate has NO congregation.
His quest to get to know the community better leads him to live (voluntarily) among the homeless in “tent city,” at a local park for two weeks. I’d like to pick his brain about his experiences.

Jessica L. Elliott – This is such a hard question because I truly love all of my characters. But, right now I’d probably want to have dinner with Craig Fitzgibbon, the male lead in my current WIP. One, any man who can dress as Gandalf in order to keep his identity secret at a high school dance is awesome, and I should apologize for his grandfather being so pushy.

Laurean Brooks –  Austin Brady, the hero in my book, “Journey To Forgiveness” set in 1938 Chicago, is a character I fell in love with. He’s a charmer and a prankster, but make no buts about it, Austin loves Jenny Largent to the moon, even though she suspects he’s stolen money from the mission fund box. He will protect Jenny no matter what. I would love to pick Austin’s brain—if I could get him to act serious long enough.

Margaret Skea – I would bring Katharina Luther – she worked so hard feeding so many other folk – apparently got up every day at 4.00am to start her daily chores that giving her a lovely meal would be a treat for her.

(You can meet Katharina Luther in Katharina: Deliverance, which is set in sixteenth century Germany.)