The #CleanWIP theme for January 17, 2021 is DITCH. [More info]

Photo by Mabel Amber

Lea Carter ~
(excerpt from Food for Thought)
“I see how it is,” a man’s voice called out. “You think just because you own the place you get to ditch work for a pretty girl.”
Noella was laughing before she even saw the man the voice belonged to. “You must be Chuck.”

Earl Chinnici ~
I began writing while overcoming cigarette addiction gradually. As I started to believe success was possible, I also started to believe perhaps my journal and story could help others. So I wrote and published  Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You, a memoir of how I quit smoking and became an author. I included in it the journal, nearly in its entirety, and a special tips and tricks section for those who might be facing their own addiction. A single entry in the relatively mundane journal portion of the book obviously isn’t a great selling point, but it includes today’s theme and is slightly comical this was the first thing I wrote after I smoked that last cigarette—two hours earlier.
It is now 1:39 PM – so far, so good. I stocked up on peppermints for those last ditch efforts to avoid “you-know-what”. I also purchased a bag of almonds. I read in more than one place that almonds can help reduce cravings, so I thought it would be worth trying.