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Photo by Christina Chiz

Jessica Marie Holt ~
“You should have shot him,” said Henry. “That dog’s a menace. I ran at him with a pitchfork the other day, and he lunged at me like he wasn’t even scared. Once I whacked him with it he knew I meant business, and he ran off.”
“I told Frank if he didn’t get him under control, I’d end up shooting him eventually.” 
“Why does Frank even keep a dog like that?” asked Henry. 
“Vernon Peedin got him for protection when the Willis brothers threatened to burn his house down, with him in it, after he testified against them in court. Vernon kept the thing on a good solid chain, and he always took proper care of his fences. And, the dog obeyed him. But you know Frank. He’s lazy and careless. He don’t even look after his mama, let alone keep his dog secure.”
Henry shook his head. “Some folks just don’t have any sense of decency.”
“Too true,” said Jim. He turned to Louis. “So, your first order of business is going to be filling in the hole that hell hound made, and making sure the coop is secure.”


Photo by CJ

~ Earl Chinnici ~
(This is likely the lengthiest teaser I’ve shared so far from this WIP. I’ve not yet released the name of it for public consumption.)

Dana excitedly told us how much she loved the book already and that she’d just picked it up the day before, hoping to find a way to handle the stress from an awful predicament she and her husband Mark were dealing with at the time.
“It started early Friday morning about three weeks ago. We woke to a horrific sound. Our dog Rocky must’ve reckoned it was after his food. I thought he was about to scratch a hole through the door. We worried he’d jump the fence if we let him out.”
“What happened next, Dana?” I asked.
“Well, I thought it might be a delivery truck at first, but it sounded more like a tank. Mark said he didn’t see any reason someone would have a tank out there, but he wrapped himself up appropriately and said if he wasn’t back in ten minutes, I should call the police and let them know we’re under attack.”
“What,” I interjected.
Dana continued. “That’s exactly what I said. Then he told me he’s just kidding but ensured me that one look at Rocky would send even the worst of enemies trucking. Mark growled and then added ‘I’ll be back before you can spell onomatopoeia backwards.’ ‘I hope that horrible noise is gone long before then,’ I tell him. ‘I love you, baby cakes.’ Oh wow. Are you going to edit this?”
Dana has such a soothing voice. It’s ideal for radio. I reminded her the show is aired live, then urged her to continue.
“Oh my.” She chuckled, obviously a little embarrassed. “Well, Mark returned about fifteen minutes later…