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Let’s peek inside Love’s Full Circle by Cherry Christensen:
“I’ll get a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Do you still take yours with cream and two sugar cubes?”
The white stoneware plates rattled in his hands. “I can’t believe you remembered. I would have thought you had forgotten everything about me, about us.”
Kayden shrugged and poured batter into a waffle iron as the coffee percolated. “Some things you can’t forget.”


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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle, an historical fantasy…
Isabella soothed her daughter’s lusty cry with the the tip of her smallest finger. Alix needed fed and put to bed, but she wanted just a little bit more time with her. The affairs of state in Henri’s absence kept her busy all day. She had only the night to enjoy her children. She made a face at Alix, smiling, and kissed her small nose. The baby suckled on her finger, her bright gray eyes staring up at her from beneath a downy show of dark hair.

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“There are moments of grief, disappointment, regret and anger.” from On the Road to Remission by Keith D Guernsey


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In case you missed it…


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You)
I was not yet certain I would actually write this book about my journey to overcome cigarette addiction, although the thought had crossed my mind a few times. I mainly wanted a couple of photos of this vent as a personal reminder that I did not want to subject my home, my lungs, and the rest of my body to that mess again. I also wanted to share the pictures with a few close friends. I did not realize until much later that the resolution of the photos of this disgusting air vent would be important. I also did not consider being a subject of any of these photos. You can rest assured that if I had known ahead of time I would pose for a photo, I would have changed out of my comical cartoon nightshirt and my snack food baseball cap.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from the opening chapter of one of my works-in-progress)
We didn’t set out to be heroes, but heroes we became. I’m sure you’ve seen our faces on billboards and subway walls. We’re uncanny symbols of America’s determination and resilience. Some people claim we’re not human; some claim we’re not real. We want you to know we are. We do have feelings.
The entire world has heard the sanitized version of that fateful day and how our actions saved millions, but due to matters of national security, the president urged us to wait a year before opening up to the media. On the White House lawn, he commended us for our bravery; in the Oval Office, he thanked us for our silence.
So much remains untold, but through this symphonic memoir, we hope to answer many of the remaining questions. We hope to silence a couple vicious rumors too.


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~ Laurean Brooks ~
Check out the LINK to my Amazon author page if you like romance with convoluted plots, quirky characters, and predicaments that will have you scratching your head.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(from a WIP, the name not yet for public consumption)
Charlie helped hold me together when Mom died and I knew he’d also hold me to my promise that I’d use a fair chunk of the money from the insurance policy she’d “fed for the past thirty years” toward an elaborate signing event within six months of publishing Live Happy Or Die Trying.
“Take it into the city,” she’d urged.
So I did. I planned a great book signing right in the heart of Atlanta.
Thirty days before the signing, I was to spend two hours with Rachel Sparks of the Write Connections morning show at Barnesville’s local radio and television station, WBRN. I’d talk with fans who called in and asked questions. At a semi-random moment of the show, primarily determined by a computer, a light on the studio’s soundboard would glow to signify the next two callers win a special prize—a luxurious evening of food and fun after the book signing for them and their dates with me and Charlie.
As part of the deal I had with the station, I received a copy of the audio from the show to use in marketing the book. I’d intended to use sound clips in commercials and have an edited version of the entire show playing softly at the signing until everyone was seated.
Since the doors to the signing were to open at 7:00 in the evening, I’d offer finger foods as they arrived. When the replay of the radio event finished, I’d read ten paragraphs my early fans had voted favorites, followed by a heartfelt talk about the secrets of living happily or as Mom put it, “Live happy, dear. Live happy or die trying.”


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Announced Themes
Themes have been selected for next week. We try to have these selected and posted to our Themes page each Thursday.
Thursday, September 10: SWAP
Wednesday, September 9: QUIRK
Tuesday, September 8: LOOK
Monday, September 7: GRATEFUL
Sunday, September 6, 2020: READ


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~ Keith D Guernsey ~
We are honored to announce a joint promotion with the American Cancer Society where we will be donating 25 cents/copy for any of our books (including our newest “Overcoming the Odds“) ordered between 8/26/2020 and 10/31/2020 to this wonderful organization.
Will you help us cure this dreaded disease today?
Thank you, Keith
(2X cancer survivor)


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
Sharing a few lines from one of my works-in-progress. This one’s a fictitious adventure about an author named Jenny who became an uncanny hero and symbol of America’s resilience after terrorists accidentally ruined her debut book signing. Here, she writes about the first date with her fiance, Charlie.
We stopped at a burger joint as we made our way to the rodeo. I don’t remember exactly what we ate, but I recall ordering two number sevens all the way. It’s funny how my mind works sometimes. I often remember something trivial yet forget a seemingly more important detail from around the same time. Maybe it didn’t matter in the first place. I suspect this happens to me more often when I’m excited. I tend to focus on the ludicrous to avoid thinking about whatever is the cause of my excitement. In this case, it was Charlie.


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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle (historical fantasy)…
Northward, where it traversed the forest, the trees had encroached the road; tall grasses and brush choked the sides of the hard, dry track. Saplings grew at the edge, intrepid advances of the old forest eager to reclaim the land with its dark shadows.

Next Week in CleanWIP Magazine

Each Thursday, we post the themes for the upcoming week to the Themes page of this site as well as in the CleanWIP Facebook group. Here’s some of what we have planned. Several Special Edition articles are also currently works-in-progress.
Thursday, August 27: CAUSE
Wednesday, August 26: WOMAN
Tuesday, August 25: PARK
Monday, August 24: LOST
Sunday, August 23, 2020: RIDE


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Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Main. In addition to relevant lines from a WIP, we’ve encouraged authors to tell us about a primary writing/publishing goal or some other *main thing* they are willing to share. [More info]

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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
People often ask me why I write historical fiction. The answer is simple. I can’t change the facts of an historical story (I could, but I digress for this little exercise!), so my goal in writing—whether it is historical fantasy, fiction, Biblical, or romance—is to convey an accurate historical setting, but create unpredictable backgrounds to the story that history didn’t bother to record!

~ Laurean Brooks ~
The main thing I’d like to convey to beginning writers is, “Don’t give up.” Even when it looks like you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere. If God has given you a desire and a gift with the written word, pursue it. Forget what others think. Write in your own voice and write for your own pleasure. Be true to yourself. Don’t try to copy a famous author’s style. You are unique. God only made one you. Surround yourself with encouraging people and avoid Dream Stealers—those who try to discourage you. Hang onto your dream and keep pushing forward.

~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
I think the main theme in all of my work is homecoming. I even have a literary fiction short story series called “Homecoming,” where three older people, each longing for a sense of home, meet by chance and help each other find what they’re looking for. All of my books, in one way or another, are about reconciling, coming back to the heart of things, and remembering what truly matters. In every one there’s some sense of longing for a connection—for family, roots, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Even in the spy series I’m working on, Arthur’s only true goal is to protect his wife and take his life back so he can have his dream—a cozy little existence, where he can live in peace, sitting by the fire every day, and kissing his wife good night every night. I personally believe that every author and artist has a main “theme,” something they are trying to work out and process in their own hearts, and it comes out in all of their work. I guess you could say coming home is mine.


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~ Laurean Brooks ~
HALF-PRICE BRIDE: The spoon in her hand dripping, Louise spun around. “Marriage proposal? Who’d be proposin’ to you? Why you ain’t even courtin’ nobody.”
Anger burned in Emily’s chest. “If I was, it would be my own business.” She immediately regretted her harsh words.
Before Louise could retort, Roy asked, “Who’s the letter from, Sis?”
“A dentist. I answered a mail-order bride ad in the Commercial Appeal.” She handed him the letter and envelope.
Louise threw up her hands. “Well, in all my born days! I ain’t believin’ it. Let me see that letter.”


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~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
Excerpt from Totally Yours, aka Granny Pact Book 4!
“Livvy, you weren’t there. You didn’t see her.”
Olivia looked at her with wide, unblinking eyes from across the breakfast table. “I was there, and I did see her.”
Janet sighed in frustration. “Okay, you saw her during dinner. But you didn’t see her in the kitchen. The way she batted her big green eyes, and tossed her flouncy hair.”
Olivia wrinkled her nose. “Flouncy hair?”
“Oh, you know what I mean.”
“I sometimes know what you mean. This is not one of those times.”
“Oh, Livvy,” Janet moaned, crossing her arms over the table and putting her head down on top of them. “This is it, this is the end of me and Mitch. I just know it.”
“Hmmm. Yeah, you’ve told me the whole story twice, and I’m still not coming to that same foregone conclusion.”

Previously in CleanWIP Magazine…


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Earl Chinnici ~
In yesterday’s article, I mentioned how I started writing as I quit smoking gradually. Since my first paragraph that was later included in my debut contains today’s theme, I decided to share it. Other than my enthusiasm about removing some ashtrays from my home, I don’t know why I wrote this paragraph on a jagged scrap of paper and then jogged a quarter of a mile in less than five minutes and performed three chin-ups from a dogwood tree in my yard. Here is the first paragraph of my career as an author. Laugh if you want, but I wrote it with passion.
I have been smoking mostly outside for a while now. Sometime during the day today, I removed all but three ashtrays from my home. I washed eight ashtrays outside under a water hose and left them in the shed for my next yard sale!


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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
I started writing in high school because I wanted to write books I wanted to read. I love reading, but I love writing more. But, as it turns out, I actually write books that I don’t read! Go figure. As an adult I shopped around several novels but never found a publisher, though a few agents were interested, but only if I wrote something the thought would be more marketable. I refused. When indy publishing took off, I knew I had a place. And here I am, forty years later with eight books and several more on the way. It all began with reading.

~ Keith D Guernsey ~
I never intended to become an author. I was just making notes from my playing and coaching days (football and hockey), and 25 years later it became Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
In 2011, I quit smoking that product endearingly called “Tobacco Cigarettes”. During the process, I started jotting down the time I lit each cigarette. These time entries progressed quickly into complete paragraphs, eventually becoming the foundation of my first book. I only wish I had started much sooner.


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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
The last few lines I wrote late last night for my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle (historical fantasy)…
His gaze slid toward Jehan, motioning with his head for him to move closer. “What are you—a spirit of the darkness or the light?”
“The Muslims call us jinn and afrit; you Franks would call us faeries and the like. Creatures of magic whispered about only in secret,” she said. “In truth, we—I—am a daughter of Eve, a child of the light. You have no to cause to fear or mistrust me, Thierry de St. Germaine. We are the same; we simply possess magic and long life.”
“You are immortal, if the tales are true.”
“We are also prone to great vanity and arrogance, but we can be slain, though not easily.”

Relaxed Friday 44

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~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
Here is (one of) my favorite scenes from the third Granny Pact book, which released last month. I don’t think I’ve shared it before.
“I have a girlfriend,” Julio blurted out. He groaned internally. So much for letting Olivia off the hook.
His mother stood up so fast her chair fell over. Lela came and picked it up. Then she looked at all of them, her eyes glinting with curiosity.
“Que pasa aqui?” she said.
Julio’s mother translated the news. Lela’s eyes opened wide and round. She clutched one hand to her chest, while the other hovered in the air as though she was casting a spell. Then she closed her eyes and began murmuring thanks and praises to her dear Lord and Savior for allowing her to live to see this blessed day.
Then she opened one eye and fixed it on Julio. “Es rubia?”
“Si, Lela. She’s blonde. Es rubia.”
Lela clutched her chest again and sat down heavily in the chair Julio’s mother had vacated.
Julio’s mother looked down at Lela and shook her head.

Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle (historical fantasy)…
He wasn’t sure if the Sarrazins had discovered the underground tunnels, but he prayed they had not. The tunnels were old, perhaps as old as Jherusalem itself. They criss-crossed the city, though most radiated from the Temple Mount. Over the years, the Templars had widened and paved a few of the tunnels they had discovered under the streets of Jherusalem. They’d found more as they burrowed under the city. Some places the tunnels were as wide as five men abreast, while in others a large man could barely squeeze through sideways. The one Terric sought wound itself from the Temple westward toward Mount Sion and the old abbey.
When he had told Jehan months ago about the secret tunnels running beneath the streets and buildings of the city, he didn’t believe him. Seeing the long narrow corridor running away from them into the darkness, he still stood in disbelief. Had Terric not seen the tunnels before, albeit only once, he might not have believed it himself.


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Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle (historical fantasy)
A round of murmurs filled the tent and might have grown louder and more unruly, except for the aged hand that lifted from the throne on the dais, silencing the throng.
“As to the other matters,” Raoul continued, his dark eyes flicking upward to the dais, “which are under the jurisdiction of the Church. First, the Marquis of Montferrat’s brother was married to Lady Isabella’s sister, Queen Sibylla. Although not related by blood, the Church herself considers such relations as incestuous.” The archbishop raised his hand again, more firmly this time, to quell the dissenting voices.. The Bishop of Beauvais scowled at his side, his fair face reddening with each breath. “Further, Your Grace, how do we know if the marquis is not still married to his Byzantium wife, Theodora Angeline? Until such doubts are put to rest, any marriage between Conrad and Princess Isabella would be an adulterous affair, for certes.”


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~ Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen: Book Three of the Magdalen Cycle (historical fantasy)…
Stephanie stood and caught her by the arm on a return pass across the carpet. “Isabella, it will do no good to keep pacing,” she said, her voice calm but pleading. “Your mother will come when she comes. You will not hasten her by wearing a path in the carpet.”
Isabella shot her a dark, dagger-sharp glance. “She has no right to keep me here against my will and under guard.”
“You are not a prisoner.”
“Really?” she sneered, tossing her gaze over her shoulder toward the door of the tent. “Those two serjeants are not there to watch the weather.”


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~ Laurean Brooks ~
Half-Price Bride: A wet dishrag slapped against the counter before Louise spat, “There’s Memphis. It’s not that far, and it being a big city, your sister could find some kind of work there—plus a boarding house to move into.”
Emily tore open the envelope, her hands shaking. As she pulled out the folded sheet of paper, two large bills and a smaller one floated to the ground. She picked them up and gasped.