Relaxed Friday 67

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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All morning I’ve been thinking about working out, adding new content to this magazine, creating a list of questions for the upcoming character interviews, designing new products for the CleanWIP store, connecting with new authors, reading a couple dozen emails, and creating a proper business plan. ~ Sigh. ~ I’ve been thinking about these things all morning. I believe I may need to take off the remainder of the day and relax.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(excerpt from Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You)
I took several short bike rides during this day to pass some time and to get further away from my cigarettes. During one such ride, I stopped by to visit my parents. Their home is not too far from mine and the view along the way is nice. The private dirt drive that leads to their home separates a hay field from a wooded area. There is not much traffic either.
Mom was watering her garden when I arrived. While visiting, I nibbled on some raw spearmint, peppermint, and rosemary. These edible plants have strong flavors and I got the notion that they might help curb a craving. I filled a plastic sandwich bag with leaves from each of these three herbs. When I returned home, I put my bag of herbs in the refrigerator to help keep them fresh.
Over the next few days, I would sometimes use these herbs as a substitute for smoking. I would crave a cigarette, but I would instead get a pinch of herbs from the bag and slowly chew them. A couple of times, I tried placing the entire pinch of herbs into my mouth between my gums and cheek similar to the way smokeless tobacco (snuff) is used. It was not too awful, but maybe it would have been better to cut the herbs into much smaller pieces.
It is likely that the strong taste of these herbs lessened a few of my cravings over the next few days. Perhaps even more importantly, the presence of this bag of herbs gave me something to consider other than a cigarette when I experienced a craving. Surely, I was able to prolong the time between a few cigarettes by doing this.


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All jokes aside, we recently left Facebook and Twitter and we’re very happy about the decision. We hope you’ll join us on MeWe where we intend to focus on improving our social skills.

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Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. ~ I Timothy 4:12 ~

Cherry Christensen ~
(excerpt from Love’s Full Circle)
“That’s a good sign, huh?”
“Indeed. It means you’re going to be fine. Even if he is the sneaky young man I disliked.”
Kayden gasped as her hand flew to her mouth.
“That’s right. I did some investigating of my own and found out all about Liam from your mom. However, I believe people can change, and it’s foolish to base an opinion of someone on their actions from fifteen years ago. Like I said. Pray about it.”

Lea Carter ~
(excerpt from A Country Mile)
The usual suspects were there—the soup kitchen; handmade items by a local artisan; the ad offering firewood ‘cheep.’ She had to squint to read the faded flyer for the summer youth baseball program. And yet, nothing about the annual charity play.

Scott R. Rezer ~ 
(from The Haberdasher’s Wife)
I draw the worn beads of my mother’s rosary through my fingers and shake my head. Too often have I whispered to the long night of my dotage that youth is wasted on those too foolish to appreciate it. Had I bothered to learn anything from those patient friars who sought to discipline me in the faith of my father, perhaps so many things might have turned out differently, not that I regret my life, only the foolish mistakes I made, things I can never undo. But then, the depth of one’s character is measured by the mistakes we make, and the wisdom we learn from them…

Earl Chinnici ~
(from a WIP with a female author/mechanic/hero protagonist—book’s title not yet public)
One day while I was working and the bosses were off having lunch, a handsome young man pulled up to one of the open bay doors. I recognized the parking decal in the windshield immediately; we attended the same college. I also recognized a sound coming from his truck indicating the engine wasn’t firing on all eight cylinders. In the engine repair business, we commonly refer to this telltale noise as a “miss” or we’ll say it is “missing on one of the cylinders,” so I didn’t give it a second thought as I welcomed him with a smile and said “Something seems to be missing.”
“Not any more,” he replied with a slow side-to-side shaking of his head as though he had discovered one of the universe’s best-kept secrets. “Not any more.”


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~ Lea Carter ~
(excerpt from A Country Mile)
“I’ll get them,” he volunteered. Retrieving the milk, he relocated it to near their place settings. By the time he’d made it back around to what had officially become his place at the island, she’d added bacon, butter, and syrup to the spread.

Growing on MeWe
(Hope you’ll join us.)

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Thank you and announcement by Earl Chinnici.

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Whether you are a reader, a writer, or both, I greatly appreciate your interest in CleanWIP Magazine and the #CleanWIP cross-platform hashtag exercise. I have some great plans and as you surely know, great plans don’t always fly. Nonetheless, I’m rolling up my proverbial sleeves and making a few adjustments, determined to push forward with those plans and continue to create fun articles that highlight those who choose to write on the less vulgar and less gory end of the writing spectrum.

I announced in our CleanWIP collaboration group back in November that I was leaving Facebook and Twitter. The move from Facebook was swift and I quickly started networking and reconnecting with authors and readers via MeWe. For various reasons, I have been slower to leave Twitter. One hurdle I’m facing is the Twitter-embedded animated theme announcements. Deleting my account as I did with Facebook will distort every previous article here. But, let’s face it, several years ago Twitter left those who wish to immerse in decency and common courtesy each day. The constant hatred and vulgarities promoted via the manipulated What’s happening section surely can’t be healthy nor can the targeted advertising directly in the feed. Alas. I choose to shift my focus away from all of that to instead focus on the encouraging… the comical… the beautiful… the inspirational… and continue to bring you great content from people who also prefer the clean end of the spectrum.

So, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or both, thank you. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join us as we connect and reconnect on MeWe—where I also intend to work much harder on my social skills.


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Relaxed Friday 66

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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~ Earl Chinnici ~
I began writing in a composition book in 2011 as I quit smoking gradually then later published a memoir about the journey. After much consideration, I decided to include in the book the notes I had written, in nearly raw form so as not to leave out something that might help somebody else overcome tobacco cigarette addiction. Reading this short passage from the morning of my third day without a cigarette still makes me feel good—despite the many tragedies that have since occurred. Can you imagine if I had been smoking a cigarette when the tornado destroyed my home around me? It’s strange this moment is the first time that thought crossed my mind.

The sun is just beginning to rise, relatively speaking. It is 6:20 and I feel good, as I sit here on the steps just outside of my front door and enjoy a cup of dark roasted coffee and a symphony of birds and other animals. This just keeps getting better.


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Coming Soon!

* exciting character interviews
* more teases from clean reads, both works-in-progress and published books
* more specialty products (and more nature) in our Zazzle storefront
* more original word search puzzles based on books written by authors who often join in the CleanWIP fun

Relaxed Friday 65

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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Since so many had a longer than usual weekend, we don’t want to confuse readers. December 27 is Sunday. Now that we have that settled, we think you’ll enjoy this beautiful poem, recently posted (on a Monday) by a writer we follow.

Relaxed Friday 64

It’s Friday and Christmas Day! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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A Message of Hope: Clean Fantasy Authors D. Art and Kay McKinney Release Fifth Book in Series on December 26, 2020.

Hope Never Lost, the fifth book in the Mage Saga series, continues the story of Achron Windslo, the white mage once thrust outside of time, now tasked with rebuilding a nation from nearly nothing. Can the growing population of mages in Empleheim find a place in a world that will not understand their very existence and fears the power they possess? And beyond just the wary eyes of their neighbors, the last of the great mages speaks of a far greater danger, one that threatens more than just their world. The quiescent powers in Achron’s family may well prove to be the hope everyone needs.
Building on a series dedicated to exploring the themes of family and virtue, Hope Never Lost presents an adventure that is both clean and exciting, didactic and enjoyable. The Mage Saga is a sweeping fantasy tale of action, surprise, humor, and courage.


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Relaxed Friday 63

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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Reconnecting on MeWe
We recently left Facebook and headed to MeWe where we reopened the official CleanWIP collaboration group as well as a public magazine MeWe page to mingle with both readers and authors who like to keep things clean. We’re revisiting Special Edition articles to help readers of MeWe get to know the magazine and the authors who often contribute. This past week, we reconnected with Daphne Self, a long time member of American Christian Fiction Writers. We do hope you’ll join us over on MeWe if you haven’t already, but only after you check out this fun book trailer of Daphne’s Alabama Days.


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
Thanks for your interest in this magazine and the creative people who often join in the CleanWIP fun. I founded CleanWIP Magazine in 2019, but I’ve been in the business of repairing Windows-based computers for more than fifteen years now. I only started writing in any serious fashion in 2011 as I quit smoking Tobacco Cigarettes gradually. That’s what they call that product anyway; it was stamped across the front of nearly every pack. The reality of what’s in most cigarettes won’t easily fit on the label, but I’ll return to the point at hand. I eventually published a memoir about my journey to quit smoking and become an author and today I share from my debut book a short tidbit about mending my home.
I became obsessed with removing the “nicotine yellow” from my home. If there was a film of cigarette residue coating something that I could do without, and I was unable to wipe it clean or run it through the washing machine a few times, it was history. Off to the curb it went where it patiently waited for a prepaid ride to the county landfill. I even tossed a few things I could have easily wiped clean, simply because they were almond in color and that color reminded me all too well of the nicotine. To the extent possible, I wanted to repair the damage I had caused to the interior of my home and remove all of the signs of my severe addiction to cigarettes. I did not need these things to ensure I would never forget how horrific this addiction was for me. There were plenty of other handy reminders.


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Relaxed Friday 62

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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The beginning of Chanukah (Hanukkah) inspired today’s theme. Here’s an interesting article about Chanukah for those who would like to better understand.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
Here’s a peek deep inside my debut book, Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You, that I began writing as I quit smoking gradually. Trying to make my home—that I had erroneously expected would last my lifetime—smell normal was an enormous undertaking.

In addition to my obsession about removing the cigarette residue from my home, I also put forth much effort to improve the odor of my surroundings. The fresh paint helped diminish the smell of smoke, but it was not exactly the pleasant “new home” smell I had in mind. I used a little bit of incense, candles, sticky air fresheners, and also the type of air fresheners that you plug into a wall outlet. All of these helped considerably.
One of my favorite forms of smell modification was the gelatinous air fresheners. These seemed to work best of everything I tried. Once I found out about the truly amazing power of these cone-shaped gelatinous wonders of the world, I purchased dozens of the raspberry scented ones and then placed them strategically throughout my home. I placed two in the living room, three in the master bedroom, one on the kitchen table with two others nearby, two in the bathroom, and two in my office. My home may have qualified as the raspberry capital of the southern states.


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Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Mine. [More info]

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In 2009, the US Senate passed a resolution to establish National Miners Day as an official day to honor miners and to reflect upon their many great accomplishments and sacrifices. The date of December 6 was chosen out of particular respect to the 1907 mining tragedy in Monongah, West Virginia.
So, while much of our article today might reflect a different meaning of the word, we nonetheless thank those who risk everything to gather the raw resources for the products we use.

Relaxed Friday 61

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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New to MeWe
We recently moved from Facebook to MeWe and our site stats show we’re rebuilding our social presence stronger than ever. Since we’re so new to MeWe, we’re revisiting many favorite articles on our new magazine page there. We’re also reconstructing our collaboration group for authors, poets, bloggers, and other creative people. We hope you’ll join us there if you haven’t already.
Private group for creators:
Public page for readers and creators:
But, Earl, we are friends:


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Earlier this week…


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~ Earl Chinnici ~
(This is likely the lengthiest teaser I’ve shared so far from this WIP. I’ve not yet released the name of it for public consumption.)

Dana excitedly told us how much she loved the book already and that she’d just picked it up the day before, hoping to find a way to handle the stress from an awful predicament she and her husband Mark were dealing with at the time.
“It started early Friday morning about three weeks ago. We woke to a horrific sound. Our dog Rocky must’ve reckoned it was after his food. I thought he was about to scratch a hole through the door. We worried he’d jump the fence if we let him out.”
“What happened next, Dana?” I asked.
“Well, I thought it might be a delivery truck at first, but it sounded more like a tank. Mark said he didn’t see any reason someone would have a tank out there, but he wrapped himself up appropriately and said if he wasn’t back in ten minutes, I should call the police and let them know we’re under attack.”
“What,” I interjected.
Dana continued. “That’s exactly what I said. Then he told me he’s just kidding but ensured me that one look at Rocky would send even the worst of enemies trucking. Mark growled and then added ‘I’ll be back before you can spell onomatopoeia backwards.’ ‘I hope that horrible noise is gone long before then,’ I tell him. ‘I love you, baby cakes.’ Oh wow. Are you going to edit this?”
Dana has such a soothing voice. It’s ideal for radio. I reminded her the show is aired live, then urged her to continue.
“Oh my.” She chuckled, obviously a little embarrassed. “Well, Mark returned about fifteen minutes later…


Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Trick. [More info]

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Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Secure. [More info]

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~ Earl Chinnici ~
Now, we’re inseparable. When one of us has a rough day, the rest do everything possible to lift our comrade’s spirits. We lost the illusion of security we had always known, but we refuse to succumb to the anguish and the nightmares. There’s no time for it. We have lives to live—and a story to tell.
We didn’t set out to be heroes, but heroes we became. I’m sure you’ve seen our faces on billboards and subway walls. We’re uncanny symbols of America’s determination and resilience. Some people claim we’re not human; some claim we’re not real. We want you to know we are. We do have feelings.
The entire world has heard the sanitized version of that fateful day and how our actions saved millions, but due to matters of national security, the president urged us to wait a year before opening up to the media. On the White House lawn, he commended us for our bravery; in the Oval Office, he thanked us for our silence.
So much remains untold, but through this symphonic memoir, we hope to answer many of the remaining questions. We hope to silence a couple vicious rumors too.


Today’s #CleanWIP collaboration is Greet. [More info]

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~ Earl Chinnici ~
“Hi Rita. This is Rachel of the Write Connections morning show. I’m here with Jenny Foster, author of…”
Rita made it clear she knew who she’d called. “I read the book last week and loved it—especially the part about confronting your fears. As I pulled from my driveway this morning, I heard you say I could win a luxurious evening hanging out with Jenny and her man. I could sure use a little good news.”

[Incidentally, reading over this excerpt all by itself like this is a little awkward since confronting your fears is the main theme throughout the entire fictitious book to which Rita is referring.]

Relaxed Friday 60

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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Ever heard of a cornucopia of Thanksgiving wishes? A little food for thought…

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Authors – Poets – Bloggers
We recently left Facebook and moved our social group for authors, poets, and other creative people to MeWe. We do not miss Facebook, but we do miss those who have not yet joined us on MeWe. We hope to reunite soon.

Private group for authors:
Public page for readers and authors both:
Friends with the owner:


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Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Berry. [More info]

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Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Bread. [More info]

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Relaxed Friday 59

It’s Friday! Here’s the scoop on #CleanWIP Relaxed Fridays.

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In Case You Missed Us
(We missed you too. Welcome back.)
The CleanWIP Magazine group for authors, poets, and other creative people has a new home on MeWe as well as a public page where we can share news and all sorts of fun things with the readers. We apologize to anyone who didn’t catch the advance notice of the move. Incidentally, Facebook’s concept of prioritizing content Facebook deems important played a large part in our difficult decision to make the move. Though the move has been a great deal of work and we dearly miss those who have yet to find us on the new-to-us platform, we’re quite excited about the considerable uptick in visitors and interactions now that fans of CleanWIP Magazine are allowed to directly decide for themselves regarding the importance of our message.


Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Overcome. [More info]

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