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Earl Chinnici ~
Here’s a little from a special chapter of MAYBE… titled “Tips, Tricks, and Dramatic Visualizations.” The chapter summarizes much of what I learned from myself as I overcame cigarette addiction, from others I helped while writing the book, and from everyone who shared with me both locally and online about their own struggles with tobacco. I should probably mention before you read this, the book is littered with puns for the reader’s entertainment—or for mine.
If you make a few mistakes or “slip up” and smoke after you have told yourself that you do not want any more cigarettes, take a step back and revise your plans until you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Never forget. To breathe air is human.
It is no great secret that humans require air, water, and food to survive. It is likely you will feel thirsty less often if you stop inhaling hot smoke into your mouth, but be sure to drink enough water to stay fully hydrated. Since nicotine often suppresses a smoker’s appetite, it is common for people to gain weight after they quit inhaling cigarette smoke.
It is important to pay attention to the way that you look and feel each day. You should not just shrug it off if the person in the mirror seems a bit pale or has a sunken in face that seems to spell out P-O-I-S-O-N. Signals such as these from your body and your mind should help you decide exactly how much air, food, and water is right for you.