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Photo by Paul Brennan

~ Earl Chinnici ~
I began writing as I quit smoking “Tobacco Cigarettes” gradually. Here are a couple paragraphs from a chapter of the book I eventually published (MAYBE…) called Tips, Tricks, and Dramatic Visualizations.
Make lists. For example, you might list things you could buy with the amount of money you usually spend on a couple of cartons. You could make a list of reasons you would like to weaken your addiction or entirely break the habit. Maybe you could list your triggers and then plan ways to respond without cigarettes the next time you encounter each trigger.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial lists you could make would be a long list of substitutes and diversions that you believe might work for you. Do not be afraid to add something to the list that you are not sure would work. You can always mark a substitute or diversion off later if you find it does not work well for you.