Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Peace. In addition to sharing lines from works-in-progress, we also encouraged authors to introduce us to a peacekeeper of one of their published works. [More info]

Photo by David Mark

~ Jessica L. Elliott ~
In my Through the Rainbow series, Treasa is often the peacekeeper between her sisters Dierdre and Darcie. She also tends to be more level-headed, which between impulsive Dierdre and snarky Darcie is important.

~ Katy Huth Jones ~
The title heroine of my fantasy series, He Who Finds Mercy, is a pacifist Healer in an often violent medieval society. She remains true to her vow of peace even when it would sometimes be easier not to, and ends up encouraging others to rethink their less peaceful ways of dealing with situations. The first book (standalone) is Mercy’s Prince.

~ Laurean Brooks ~
My heroine’s Aunt Violet was the peacemaker in Journey to Forgiveness. She keep Jenny Largent (heroine) from acting on her impulses. One example: Jenny labels Austin Brady (hero) a thief when she spies him fleeing with her vanity case at the train depot. Later, Austin stands behind the podium at Aunt Violet’s church to ask for an offering to help victims of a tornado in South Pekin (actual event 1938). Jenny is sure Austin will keep the money for his own use. Aunt Violet tries to reason with her, but to little avail.

~ Scott R. Rezer ~
In my Biblical novel, Shadow of the Mountain, the peacekeeper character is Noah’s wife, Naamah. Although the book is written entirely from Noah’s POV alone, she is the ever-constant presence that keeps the peace in the family and peace to her husband’s often troubled heart.