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Photo by Silvia Schenk

Earl Chinnici ~
(excerpt from MAYBE… I’m no longer in an exclusivity contract with this book, so you can expect me to share more freely from it via CleanWIP Magazine now. I also plan to soon publish MAYBE… through other bookstores.)
Sometimes changing my shirt is not enough and I have to take a shower or bath to get the stench off my skin and out of my hair. I had so much cigarette poison on me one time that I had to wash my clothes during the middle of the night because even though I put my clothes in the hamper as I headed to the shower, the acrid smell of burned poison filled the entire bathroom. It did not stop at the bathroom door either. The horrific odor then began to drift down the hall headed towards the living room and kitchen. I realize that as a cigarette smoker, I had become accustomed to this powerful odor and I hardly even noticed the smell. On a rare occasion when I did notice, it did not seem to be anything a little cologne or air freshener could not cure. Nonetheless, I am now astonished that I spent the greater part of twenty-eight years of my life stinking worse than a toilet bowl filled with sulfur water.