Today’s #CleanWIP theme and collaborative article is Repair. [More info]

Photo by Ryan McGuire

Here’s a #CleanWIP #ThemeBender from The Haberdasher’s Wife  by Scott R. Rezer. The Haberdasher’s Wife is a work-in-progress that is nearing the final stages before publication. As for the #Themebender, it was created back in early February of this year when several historical fiction authors were not amused by the announced RADIO theme. We decided to add #ThemeBender to #CleanWIP tweets and posts whenever only a very loose connection with the theme is possible. This helps avoid theme confusion among the authors and lets readers know we’re aware of the stretch.

In this case, Scott is fixing his character’s problem…

“I understand you wish to withdraw from the world for a time to have your child and reassess your life and future. Obviously, those are not your exact words, but I believe they sum up your request, do they not?”
Josefa nodded. The request sounded so simple, so distant, yet near—as close as a whisper. She slid forward on the edge of the hard wooden chair. “It does, indeed, Mother Abbess.”
“And the child? Do you still intend to leave it with us when you return to your life in Überlingen?”
“I do,” Josefa said. A pang of regret nearly choked the words in her throat. “What will happen to my baby?”
The Abbess clasped her hands on the desk. She had no doubt had the same conversation before with more than one young noble woman who found herself in similar straits. “If it is a girl, we will keep her here with us and raise her as one of our own—you are noble born, after all; if it is a boy, however, he will be given to one of the local farmers. Does this trouble you?”
“No,” she said, fighting back tears. She failed. A hot tear slid down her cheek. She dashed it away with the edge of her shawl. “It is probably better the baby never knows its parents or that it was unwanted.”
“No child is ever truly unwanted, my dear. Your child will find a home, even if it is not with those who gave it life.”