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Photo by Silvia

~ Earl Chinnici ~
(excerpt from Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You)
I took several short bike rides during this day to pass some time and to get further away from my cigarettes. During one such ride, I stopped by to visit my parents. Their home is not too far from mine and the view along the way is nice. The private dirt drive that leads to their home separates a hay field from a wooded area. There is not much traffic either.
Mom was watering her garden when I arrived. While visiting, I nibbled on some raw spearmint, peppermint, and rosemary. These edible plants have strong flavors and I got the notion that they might help curb a craving. I filled a plastic sandwich bag with leaves from each of these three herbs. When I returned home, I put my bag of herbs in the refrigerator to help keep them fresh.
Over the next few days, I would sometimes use these herbs as a substitute for smoking. I would crave a cigarette, but I would instead get a pinch of herbs from the bag and slowly chew them. A couple of times, I tried placing the entire pinch of herbs into my mouth between my gums and cheek similar to the way smokeless tobacco (snuff) is used. It was not too awful, but maybe it would have been better to cut the herbs into much smaller pieces.
It is likely that the strong taste of these herbs lessened a few of my cravings over the next few days. Perhaps even more importantly, the presence of this bag of herbs gave me something to consider other than a cigarette when I experienced a craving. Surely, I was able to prolong the time between a few cigarettes by doing this.