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Photo by Joan Greenman

Scott R. Rezer ~
From my current WIP, The Gambit Queen (Book Three: The Magdalen Cycle) (Historical Fantasy)…
THE WHITE-CAPPED WAVES of the sea rumbled and crashed upon the shore beside Henri de Troyes, second of the name and Count of Champagne, as he fell to his knees to kiss the wet sand. His hands trembled, his knees felt weak. After weeks at sea, enduring storms and rough seas and bouts of mal de mer, a wave of relief washed over him to finally be ashore once more. He was a soldier not a sailor, and if he never had endure such an experience again, it wouldn’t be too soon. Of course, if he wished to return home to his beloved Champagne, he would have to endure the seas once more; that, or take the longer, more dangerous overland route across Europe. Until then, though, he had sworn to take the cross and see the Holy City won back from the Sarrazins.