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Photo by Andrew Martin

~ Jessica Marie Holt ~
The two women glared at each other across the table. After a moment, Ellie wrapped her hands around her coffee. There was nothing pensive about her look anymore. She stared at June with laser focus. “Well. I have something to discuss with you.”

June was intrigued.

~ Earl Chinnici ~
I began writing as I stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes gradually. When I published a memoir about two and a half years after I quit, I included most of the hand-written notes from my composition book in a raw, nearly unedited form to help convey the experience to readers who might be looking to break free as well. Tomorrow is the Great American Smokeout for 2020 and I’ve been offering Maybe You Should Move Those Away From You as a Kindle Free Book Deal several days this week to help encourage those who might be joining in. Readers can add it to their libraries free until midnight Pacific Time tomorrow.

Here’s one entry from the journal portion of the book…

9:47 AM – I smoked this cigarette after discussing smoking on the phone for about twenty minutes with a close friend. A few minutes prior to lighting this one, I noticed the pain in my ankle seemed to go downhill gradually and yet rather quickly. I suspect that this is most likely due to an increased heart rate from the anticipation of getting my next “fix.”